Thanks again to the five million people who visited Quartz in July, which was just our tenth month of operation. Now that some comparative data is available, we wanted to put that growth into perspective.

The chart above shows the last nine months of US-based traffic to Quartz, the Financial Times, and the Economist, according to comScore estimates. We are great admirers of the other news sites, and it’s an honor to have quickly found a place among them.

(It’s worth nothing that comScore-measured traffic is estimated based on a sample, so it’s usually less than what publishers record themselves. That’s true for us, so we assume it applies to our competitors, as well. The data in the chart above represent US-based traffic on desktop browsers only. In total, according to Omniture, Quartz had five million unique visitors in July, about 40% of them outside the US.)

Mashable has a story about these data, as well.