New hires and promotions at Quartz

Kevin Delaney, our editor in chief, just sent out the following memos…

Dan Frommer joins Quartz as tech editor

Hello Quartz!

Some editorial staff news:

Dan Frommer is joining us as Technology Editor for Quartz in New York, starting this Friday. He will lead the band of tech and science reporters, including Leo and Rachel and one of our excellent interns.

Dan is an experienced tech writer, beginning at Forbes and then from 2007 as one of the founding staff (with Henry Blodget and Peter Kafka) of Silicon Alley Insider, which later became Business Insider. He coded early versions of the site and wrote 5,700 posts while there.

Dan launched his own tech news site in 2011 called SplatF (Why “SplatF.”) We’d love to have had on Quartz much of what he’s published there. Dan’s posts are rooted in scoops of analysis—and charts. This Netflix/AOL subscriber chart is my favorite example. We’re looking to Dan for much more of this great analytical and visual coverage of the tech industry for Quartz.

Dan also created the City Notes iPhone app, which he plans to keep going in his spare time—and which makes him a great source of travel advice for all of you. You can follow him at @fromedome

Please join me in welcoming Dan.


Annalisa Merelli joins Quartz as reporter

Hello Quartz—

I’m happy to announce that Annalisa Merelli has joined Quartz as a reporter on the Ideas team. She will report to S. Mitra Kalita and Lauren Brown, and commission and coordinate with contributors and their pieces, as well as bring her creative eye to stories such as Narendra Modi’s hats and the history of Helvetica on subway maps

Annalisa has most recently been an editor for Narratively and UN Global Pulse. She is a native of Italy and lived in New Delhi for four years, working at various Wieden & Kennedy publications focused on art, culture, and politics. She also spent some time as a blogger for Benetton in Italy, and has her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Bologna.  

Annalisa is creative and dogged, and has been crucial to keeping the Ideas section churning over the last few months. She seemingly doesn’t sleep and is a voracious consumer of news and social media from around the world. You can follow her at @missanabeem

Please join me in congratulating Annalisa on joining Quartz.

Matt Phillips is now Quartz’s markets and finance editor

Hello Quartz -

I’m happy to announce that Matt Phillips is now Quartz’s markets and finance editor, leading a core team that includes John, Mark, and now Max—and helping coordinate the work of other writers when they cover markets and finance-related topics.

As he’s been doing for the past few months, Matt will act as a player-coach, continuing to write while providing coverage guidance, coordination, and some of the story editing for the group. He’ll also continue to provide coverage suggestions and story ideas to the broader Quartz staff.

Matt’s promotion is a recognition of the exceptional work he’s done since Quartz’s launch, in writing signature pieces such as his economic analysis of Ghostbusters and take on the Japanese life insurance industry. It’s also in recognition of his natural leadership and focus on pursuing what’s most meaningful for serving and expanding Quartz’s readership. If for some reason you’re not following him already, he’s at @matthewphillips

Matt’s expanded role comes at a moment when we’re working on quickly expanding the ranks of our journalists. We’ll increasingly use such editorial groups—and circles made of looser federations of reporters around a given obsession or coverage area—to provide structure as we grow, but allow us to remain nimble and focused on what’s best for our readers.

Please join me in congratulating Matt.